Cultivating an Enhanced Experience through Biophilic Design

About Us

LooXo grows, designs, installs, and cares for interior and exterior plantscapes promoting positive interactions between humans and nature.

We use plants specifically curated to thrive in your unique space, transforming and enhancing the experience for others into something that will “LooXo” beautiful.

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More Than Maintenance

Rooted in East Nashville, TN, through our parent company, Optimara, we maintain a wide array of foliage plants and luscious tropicals suitable for any context.

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Plant-Care Professionals

We also offer services in plant care and potting workshops and educational greenhouse tours showing you how our care can bring you success in your own plant endeavors.

LooXo Services

We offer a full service plant program from start to finish. Whether it be a simple display in your office space, or a full custom plantscape for your new business.

We offer design and full service plant care that includes watering, fertilizing, pruning, sustainable pest treatment, and a full plant rehabilitation program.

Although each plant is specifically curated to thrive in every corner, our rehabilitation program allows us to rotate any material out that may be showing signs of stress, replace it with a duplicate plant from our greenhouses, and revitalize the material leading to the most sustainable practices of design.

Biophilic Design

Our horticulturalist’s connection to nature allows us to provide the most innovative plantscapes into any space. Biophilia is a concept rooted in the idea that humans have an innate connection with nature.
Bringing nature into your living and working spaces improves productivity, mental and physical well-being, and reduces stress.

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Make A Memorable Impression

Integrating these principles into your design will not only create a beautiful space, but will leave a lasting impression to all who experience it.

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     Interior and Exterior Plantscapes
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